The same path is followed through repeated motions, over and over again. These wandering lines, break open, fall apart, are pulled down by gravity. To wander can be an idea of escape. Actions that disrupt any one the discernible endings with an open work of fiction.


 Using tools of active imagination and reflective practice, I use material-thinking to research the connection between movement and the act of making.  With dyeing and cutting large pieces of fabric, I think about how we both experience and observe the world.  It is also the extra-aesthetic meanings embedded within the medium of fabric itself that I am drawn to – that of gender, memory, and ritual.  The tension between the inherent collapse, and the optimistic expression of these large meandering monuments.  In part, these pieces are also physical expressions of questions about sense-making and the metaphysical impulse – the desire to define and to understand, but also that which is just beyond knowing.