Cathedral Cumulus arose from the intersection between nature and architecture. Fascination with illusions and spiritual representations of the “above” are the cornerstones of this installation, addressing interiority  (the space inside) and the practical considerations of collapse: a dream of a castle in the sky.


The basic structure of this sculpture is informed by Gothic ribbed vaults and arches that merge into more abstract cloud-like formations. The result is a form similar to a canopy or cave, suspended over an expanse of the gallery that draws the eye upwards yet limits and obscures the space. In parts it appears to soar and in others it falls under its own weight.


Gothic architecture fascinates me with its manipulation space: the cathedral's ribbed vaults, imbued with (societally enforced) metaphysical qualities, transport us into other dimensions. Cloud gazing acts as much the same within a looser construct. Cathedral Cumulus combines these two notions, suggesting wariness of solid states as the canopy is unable to sustain itself yet still allows a larger vista to remain, one that perhaps exists only in our imagination.

The performance-based video The Walk (Cumulus) and the fabric installation, although separate pieces, work in conjunction. The Walk (Cumulus) is enacted within a landscape that is seemingly idyllic while the figure moves in isolation.